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Organic goods and natural products

Organic goods and natural products

Since moving to the island it has become clear to us that a lot of our favourite products are just not available here so rather than keeping on moaning we have decided to tackle this problem! We will be constantly extending and refining our selection of products so please feel free to get in touch if there is something you are looking for.
When you sign up for a personalised account you will receive our list of organic wholegrain products and homewares available for delivery with your fruit and veg boxes including some of the selection below:
  • Organic dried herbs and spices

    (culinary and medicinal)
  • Gluten free options

  • Vegan / Vegetarian selection

  • High quality supplements and health foods

  • Naughty but nice healthy snacks

  • Natural shampoo, conditioner and soap

  • Fluoride Free Toothpaste