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Here on the farm we keep free range chickens, ducks and quail for eggs. These fabulous fowl all lay and each bird has it's specialty: duck for that rich creamy yoke, quail for the quaint but surprisingly flavoursome mini morsel and chicken for the all round favourite. The girls, like us, can be temperamental in the bad weather so we do have limited availability, especially with duck and quail eggs. Please see the produce list below for current availability.
We don't have fields of cows just yet, and are currently looking for a local small scale milk producer.
photo of eggs available from woodside farm on the isle of arran


6 for £2.50

Free range Chicken Eggs


Due to unforseen logistical issues we no longer stock milk but are currently investigating local, small-scale suppliers and are doing our utmost to offer milk again soon.

(Can anyone on Arran start producing milk like the old days, please!)