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Here at Woodside we appreciate that everyone is unique and therefore have different needs. If you would like to start purchasing from us we are offering three types of account to make it easy to do so.. At the moment we will be offering a small number of accounts, around thirty, to get us started while we work out all the operational kinks.
Once we have completed our initial trial more will be available on a first come first served basis.


This account will be set up using a monthly direct debit to cover your basic needs, minimum of two boxes a month. By signing up to this type of membership you will be committing to supporting your local farm throughout the year and we will ensure you'll benefit from receiving monthly credit statements and exclusive promotions on all our seasonal produce.



This type of membership is what traditional CSA was set up to support. By paying for your produce in advance you can support your local farmer in meeting the early costs associated with agriculture and really get to know the process that goes into growing your food. This account will be set up with a one off payment covering twelve months of orders, minimum of one box a month and we will ensure you benefit by receiving monthly credit statements, exclusive promotions and free home delivery on all orders.



A limited amount of work and low income shares are also available. Work shares enable members to work for produce, providing they commit to working at the farm for an agreed upon number of hours per month. Having been, at times our self. in situations where the highest quality produces seemed out of our reach we feel passionately that it is important that great seasonal produce should be available to all. A period of training will be arranged to bring you up to speed then you will receive a timesheet which will be accredited to your account.


If you are interested in one of our accounts then please fill out our new members form online. Alternatively you can download a pdf, fill it in and post it to us at and send it back to us at Woodside Farm, Kildonan, Isle of Arran, KA27 8RP and we will be in touch.