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Permaculture and Regnerative Agriculture

Permaculture and Regnerative Agriculturelture are two different tools which can be applied to farming today. Focusing strongly on well researched and manged methods they incorporative traditional knowledge with up to date scientific thinking to design and focus garden and agriculture systems taking into account soil health, sustainable management and ecological preservation.
Both permaculture design and regenerative agriculture approaches are very important to us here at Woodside. We believe that we are simply guardians of this piece of land and that it is essential for us to give back as much to the farm as we take away. Therefore organic standards are the minim we strive for.
We aim to example that through effective soil management, constant ecological consideration and effective design you can not only create highly effective growing systems but you can care for and nourish the land whilst creating a high quality product. Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture are vast and exciting topics which we would be happy to bore anyone about! If you would like more information check out these websites or get in touch for a chat.